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Orchestra, in motion. The premium sound system in Lexus cars transform the excitement of an orchestra into the exhilaration of a driving experience.

Imagine extraordinary sound, with nothing added and nothing removed from the original performance.

This is the result of a collaboration between two visionary companies - Lexus and Mark Levinson. The brands share two key principles: an unrelenting ambition to provide amazing experiences and an acute attention to detail. So the partnership, which started in 2000 with the launch of the third-generation LS, was a natural step.

One way that Mark Levinson show their incredible attention to detail is by using truly silent rooms, called anechoic chambers to give their systems the ultimate audio distortion test. The levels of distortion acceptable for Mark Levinson are ten times smaller than those accepted by most audio equipment makers. This precision of sound is one of the ways that Mark Levinson work to deliver the audio exactly as it was intended in the recording, right into the cabin of your Lexus.

Each audio system is specially engineered for the acoustic environment of each Lexus model it is featured in. The Mark Levinson craftsmen start from the ground up, trying out new arrangements of components and re-engineering the audio system to build the ultimate configuration for the acoustics of that model. It takes thousands of man hours and a team of 30 to 40 people from designers to engineers, all master craftsmen in their fields. All this to make sure that each passenger hears audio being played through the speakers in exactly the same way. So, whether you are behind the wheel or being chauffeured in the back seat, you don’t just hear sound, you experience it.